Home Learning

Term 4 Week 3 (9.5.14)       Spelling Homework Term 4 Week 3

Maths Length&Area Homework Term 4 Week 3


Term 4 Week 2 (2.5.14)         Spelling Homework Term 4 Week 2

Maths Length&Area Homework Term 4 Week 2


Spelling Homework Term 3 Week 11    Maths Angles Homework Term 3 Week 11           Term 3 Week 11 (21.3.14)


Spelling Homework Term 3 Week 10      Maths Angles Homework Term 3 Week 10       Term 3 Week 10 (14.3.14)


Term 3 Week 9 (7.3.14)     Spelling Homework Term 3 Week 9

Maths Angles Homework Term 3 Week 9


Red Group Spelling Text – Jacobites

Term 3 Week 5 (7.2.14)

Term 3 Week 4 (31.1.14)

Term 3 Week 3 (24.1.14)

Reading Homework Assignments – James and the Giant Peach 2

Reading Homework Assignments – Journey to the River Sea 2

Term 3 Week 2 (17.1.14) Term 3 Week 1 (10.1.14) Spelling Homework Term 2 Week 7    Term 2 Week 7 (6.12.13)    Term 2 Week 6 (29.11.13)    Term 2 Week 5 (22.11.13)     Term 2 Week 4 (15.11.13)  Term 2 Week 3 (8.11.13)  Term 2 Week 2 (1.11.13)     Term 1 Week 6 (27.9.13)     Term 1 Week 5 (20.9.13)     Term 1 Week 4 (13.9.13)      Term 1 Week 3 (6.9.13)


35 Responses to Home Learning

  1. Rachel.m says:

    When do get homework MR Cain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!not as if i would like homework 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. HEATHER says:

    I don’t now where to talk to people about things so ill do it here HEY DOLL I want you to come back it does not feel like primary 7 with out you 😀

  3. Tara the vies captain of greenwood says:

    I miss dolly to but in my opinion it does fell like primary 7 it just feels weard

  4. Dalal.G says:

    I will come back SOOOON! Life is HARD in Gaza I can tell you that 😛

  5. Dalal.G says:

    for maths, which group am i meant to be in?

  6. Tara!!! says:

    Ooooooo you poor thing you must be boiling in Gaza

  7. Tara!!! says:

    Mr Cain when will p7 be able to make our own blogs on the p7 blog

  8. The amazing fabulous gorgeous TARA says:

    Thanks dolly is back on Monday yaaaaaaa I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HhhhhhhhhhhhhAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaPppppppppppppppPppppppppppppYyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  9. Tara says:

    P7 is grate ***

  10. Dalal.G says:

    Mr. Cain, when will be going to fairburn? (I don’t know if that’s spelt correct!) I kindof forgot 🙂

    • hcain541 says:

      Hi Dolly,
      The Fairburn trip will be on Wednesday 23rd October – that’s the 2nd day back after the October holidays. I hope you’re looking forward to it?

      • The top five most biggest eruptions were:
        1st. Mount Tambora,
        In 1815 the remote Indonesian island of Sumbawa recorded the largest volcanic eruption in human history, Mount Tambora. It killed up to 117,000 people and sparked changes that altered human history. But its most immediate victims were the residents of the tiny kingdom of Tambora, who were buried under 10 feet of ash in what has been called Asia’s Pompeii.

        2nd. Mount Krakatoa
        Long before foreign researchers wrote about the eruption of Mount Krakatau (Krakatoa, Carcata) on 26, 27, and August 28, 1883.

        3.Mount St. Helens
        The mountains bore many names, some in Salishan (spoken by those on the east side of the mountain range) and Sahaptin (those from the west side).

        4.Lassen Peak,
        Long before the Lassen Peak volcanic area in California became part of the U.S. National Park System, it was a gathering spot for the Atsugewi, Yana, Yahi and Maidu.

        5. Oregon
        Oregon’s volcanoes are associated with what may be Turtle Island’s oldest pair of shoes, according to the University of Oregon. In 1938, the university recounts, an archaeologist named Luther Cressman, also from the University of Oregon, found numerous pairs of sandals buried under a layer of volcanic ash about half a mile west of the Fort Rock volcanic crater. It was later determined that the ash came from a 7,500-year-ago eruption of Mazama volcano.

  11. Rachel.u says:

    hi could i get another sheet of that math test.

  12. Rachel.u says:

    i have found great game om iterative recources it is a frenzy wall (called wipout wall audition facts) – you have 20 sums an you have to find the answer. you can take as long as you want to answer but it is timed. you can set it in your own level from 5 to 1000! i was doing mixed sums to 20. and i got 20 out of 20 in 53 seconds!!!

  13. Ellie🙈24 says:

    Mr Cain, my mum would like the website for the New Zealand maths! Can you give the website address so that I can show her please?
    Ellie 😎

  14. Tara😊 says:


  15. Tara😊 says:

    Nobody ever goes on the blog anymore😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  16. rachel.u says:

    I am on the blog now tara

  17. rachel.u says:

    mr cain, for our homework this week i can’t seem to find facts for the old gaelic church as it keeps coning up with coffee shops and book shops to

  18. rachel.u says:

    i acnt find any information for the old gaelic church, old high church, and, the balnain house!
    is there any good websites i could use?!?!?!?! :{o :3I

  19. rachel.u says:

    THANKYOU SO MUCH MR. CAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! homework help is great!

  20. Dalal.G says:

    Mr Cain, I keep on having these problems with sumdog, sometimes when I try to play a game it starts loading then suddenly it says I have lost internet connection and my internet is perfectly fine???

  21. Dalal.G says:

    I think its ok now I just needed to refresh it!

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