When the P7s went to safe highlanders

 On Wednesday the p7s went to Safe Highlanders at Cameron Barracks.  We all were put in groups and there were 7 groups. We learnt about : E safety, road safety, construction site safety and many more. When my group learnt about road safety a police man said to pick a place were feel safe and then move out the way still in the same place, The police man put a dummy out and a car ran into it and the police man said that would have been you if you had your headphones in even if one was out and that would be you that got hit by the car. When my group learnt about life saving I was asked to lie on a bit of blue paper and act like it was water. the man told us how to save someone from drowning – DON’T jump in! He said call a number and try to keep them talking  about simple things and much more, and thats what the p7s learnt at Safe Highlanders!!

By Heather

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