First week back in the last term of P7!

Our first week back at P7 has been very exciting! We have been talking about our P7 residential trip to Craggan Outdoors near Grantown on Spey, where we will be staying for 4 nights in a bunkhouse and a Bothy. We will be learning skills such as how to survive in the woods (with no phones or electronics) by building a logtent, how to canoe, how to start a fire (purposely), how to kayak and how to wash the dishes (which will be a challenge for some!)  

We have also been starting to organise our summer fayre which this year is on the 24th of May. We have been deciding the events such as, gungeing, ice cream and waffle stall, jar stall and more suprises to see at the fayre! The fayre is going to take up a lot of our time but it will certainly be the best yet!

This week we have also moved tables and decided new table names;

  • The creamy hideaway money supermarket muppets including Ellie C, Rachel U, Charlotte M and Ryan M.
  • The walking rice rice baby lindors including Innes M, Ross P, Jemma M and Katy S.
  • The wrestling selfie talking presidents including Ailsa M, Jessica M, Dolly G and Steven M.
  • The discombobulated trampolining lindors including Emily M, Morgan M, Kurt K and Euan F.
  • #YOLO swagasaurus (Bless you) including Sarah O, Tara E, Tanya O and Adam H.
  • Virgin Holidays Fudoodle denchers including Calum S, Lewis S, Heather F and Lucy M.
  • The powerwalking Happy Haribos including Marsailli M, Rachel M, Rocco T, Lottie W.
  • The chicken lindor supercalifragilisticexpialodocious Snowmen inluding Clarke H, Joey M, Lauren P and Shannon I


By Sarah O,  Ellie C and Marsailli M

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