Our trip to Culloden and Fort George

On Wednesday the 26th of March we all went on a class trip to Culloden battlefield and Fort George!!!  At Culloden we went to a history classroom and learnt about people that were involved in the Jacobite Rebellion.  Some people dressed up and got their photo taken. Next we went out to the battlefield and found out where the Jacobites and the Hanoverians started around the feild…it was really fun!!!!  After that we went around the exhibition centre and we got turns of holding the guns and swords.   Then we went to the film show about the battle which some of us thought wasn’t very nice.

At Fort George we had a picnic which was our lunch!! Then we played!! Then we went on a tour and Mr Cain was our tour guide.

Finally we got on the bus and went back to school and then went home!!!!!!!!!!

By Rachel and Shannon

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One Response to Our trip to Culloden and Fort George

  1. Ailsa the great and powerful =D says:

    I loved our trip ma fav bit was cullodeon battle field it was so fun !😊😊😈

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