Week 11!

There has been A LOT happening this week! The P7 class assembly is coming soon and we’re preparing for it, so far it’s going well and we’ve been making our props and costumes and have sorted out the script but you never know – anything could happen! We also went to Millburn Academy to play basketball and dodge ball and it was great fun! We got a tour around the school but unfortunately one of the groups’ tour guides lost 2 people on the way! Today the school did zumba and it was a lot of fun, by the end of it we were all tired out. Some people also did football as it was sport relief and you had to pay 50p if you wanted to join in with football. To add to that, if the school raise over the amount we raised in our last charity event the male teachers will get their legs waxed! (And yes, I said MALE!) I’m sure Mr Quigley, Mr Cain, Mr Blair and Mr Lee are very nervous and crossing their fingers hoping for them NOT to get waxed!

Dolly 🙂


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One Response to Week 11!

  1. Jessica Maton says:

    Unfortunately for the male teachers they are having their legs waxed!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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