This is what we have done…………

Well done to Clarke, who earns 100 points for Redwood with this review of the week……………

This week in class we made Hanoverian tricorn hats and Jacobite White cockades. Lauren and Morgan spoke about their MFR Cash for Kids bingo night at our achievement assembly on Monday. Also lots of people from the class represented the school at the MacRobert Cup. The school did amazingly well in that. As well on Wednesday there was a Milton of Leys badminton match. Well done to Katy and Tanya for winning the Head Teachers award and the Pupils Pupil award.



P.S. Photos of P7 modelling their tricorn hats to follow next week!   Mr Cain

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One Response to This is what we have done…………

  1. Ailsa the great and powerful =D says:

    I am really annoyed at that video because I messed up my lines ='(

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