What a Busy Week!

Wow, we’ve had a busy week in P7!  We had some pupils out at the Music Festival, some on a visit to Millburn, then World Book Day yesterday and our House Morning today!  And somehow we’ve still fitted in lots of work on maths, literacy and our Jacobites topic.  Well done to all the pupils for their part in the House Morning – and congratulations to Redwood for their excellent performance.  Thanks to everyone who dressed up yesterday for World Book Day, and for sharing your characters’ stories. 



Have a great weekend!

Mr Cain

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3 Responses to What a Busy Week!

  1. Dalal.G says:

    This week was great! 🙂

  2. Charlotte is not feeling well :( says:

    your right dolly! it was fun but today (Tuesday) iv been off co’z iv not been feeling good at all iv’e been feeling dizzy and weird stomach aches 😦 but i think ill be back tomorrow THANK YOU TANYA FOR THE HOMEWORK!!

  3. Ailsa the great and powerful =D says:

    You can just see my head behind Adam and Innes head SNOWMANAPHANT!!!!!! =)

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