Week 8

It’s the end of the week and we have just started our new topic: The Jacobites! So far we have created a big timeline around our classroom to remind us of any historical times in the past, and we are also learning about the causes of the Jacobites rebellion.
The quiz team did great and were 4th so a BIG well done to them! We have been put into our new tables and right now the Despicable Royal Sleepy Minions are in the lead with 7 points so they are clearly the winners of this week.
I hope you enjoyed reading this post!
Dolly 

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2 Responses to Week 8

  1. rachel.u says:

    I woder…will the jacobites be a good topic???????????????????????????????

  2. Lucy and Jamie :) :P says:

    I really like the SumDog website! My favourite game so far is Tower Climber, because it gives you lots of challenging questions, but also simple ones that I know quickly! So far, I have answered 99 questions correctly in the first day…. :p I’m practising with my brother and hoping that I’ll keep beating his scores! :p :p

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