Half – Term Already…???

So, another busy week has flown by and we’re at the February break already! This week started off on Monday with our Creative Achievement Assembly, where the P7 representatives were Lucy and Rachel U. Lucy talked about her latest successes in the world of Street Dance, while Rachel told the school about her success in her LAMDA drama exams. These two talented pupils have worked extremely hard to achieve their creative success, and I’m sure we will be hearing about many more successes in the future!

Much of the rest of the week has been spent finishing off the P7 animated movie, ‘The Lie of the Land’. I’m delighted to say that the movie is finally finished, and P7 had a sneak preview of the finished film this afternoon. We hope to show the film to the rest of the school when we come back after the break, before we launch into our next topic: The Jacobites!

Well done to our P7 quiz team who after successful auditions on Wednesday are: Euan, Ellie, Kurt and Sarah, with Ailsa our reserve.  They will be taking part in the Rotary Club Inverness Primary Schools Quiz at Charleston Academy on 27th February.

Have a fantastic break,

Mr Cain


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One Response to Half – Term Already…???

  1. rachel.u says:

    well done lucy! (a bit late!) And (of course) well done ME!!!!!!!! 😉 LOL! :{o :3

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