Week 5…

This week, we have been up to LOTS of filming! Nearly everyone has filmed their section of the animation and all we have to do is narrate! Some of us are in the process of writing the conclusion and introduction!

In maths, we have been learning new strategies, Doubling and halving. Mr Cain has been giving us sums like 5×864 = 4320. Also we have been using the textbooks to work on our time!

In reading, The Journey to the River Sea group have been reading some dramatic scenes as Finn leaves! also we have been identifying scenes, where they have been taking place and what characters have been involved.

The James and the Giant Peach group have been finding words they don’t know and finding the meaning, also they have been finding out interesting facts from the book!

In P.E we have been doing gymnastics. We have been using the vault and apparatus! Mrs Brown has been encouraging us to do our best…

Next week is the last week before the Feb break!!!!

Ellie & Lauren

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3 Responses to Week 5…

  1. Eilidh mason p4 says:

    Your blog is cool but how about some photo’s

  2. Eilidh mason p4 says:

    Innes is reading journing to the river sea it looks cool

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