Week 4

Hi, we are Heather and Lauren. This week, Primary 7 have been busy working away in maths, reading, topic, writing and spelling. Primary 7 were writing scripts for our animations that we are also working on too. Each table group wrote about what they were making for instance glaciers, forests, ice sheets, drifting continents etc. We’ve been carrying on and making our models and some groups have even started filming.
Also, we have been doing maths in our groups and we have been learning new strategies. we have been sharing our favourite Robert Burns poems to the class and talking about why we like them too.

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2 Responses to Week 4

  1. Eilidh mason p4 says:

    That sounds fun filming your class p4 should try it

  2. rachel.u says:

    have you seen our film eilidh???

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