Happy new year!

Yesterday, on Monday 6th of January 2014 we were told that our new topic is called The Lie of the Land. We also changed our tables and created banners to go above our table. Some of the table names are:

The rainbow fanta mountains (Katy,Morgan,Adam and Euan)

 The arty party gaming triple carmel frappucins (Tara,Marsailli,Rocco)

The pink bugs bunny ninjas (Steven,Lottie,Charlotte and Jessica)

The blue musical mickey mousers (Ryan,Rachel,Lauren and Ailsa

The pink snoopy shoppers (Emily,Tanya,Sarah and Kurt)

The sporty blue spongebobs (Lucy,Rachel,Heather and Calum)

The blue action-packed fanta bottles (Shannon,Dolly,Joey and Clarke)

The karate brian fanta freaks (Jemma,Ellie,Lewis and Innes).

In Assembly, Mr Quigley talked about what we would like to happen in 2014 and everyone had to choose who was important to them and why.

By Katy,Emily and Tara.


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One Response to Happy new year!

  1. rachel.u says:

    them tabels were fun!

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