Volcano Painting – Explosive Art!

Last week P7 were trying to capture the explosive power of volcanic eruptions in what turned out to be a very messy art lesson!  Here is the original painting which we used as inspiration, by English artist Nick Rowland:











And here are a few examples of P7’s fantastic work!

IMG_0081 IMG_0082 IMG_0083 IMG_0084 IMG_0085 IMG_0086 IMG_0087 IMG_0080

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12 Responses to Volcano Painting – Explosive Art!

  1. Lucy :) says:

    I enjoyed doing the volcano art, even though mine didn’t turn out to be the best – its was still really fun though!

  2. Sarah p6 says:

    Well done everyone the volcano pic look great!!!!!! They look very similar to the artist!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Jessica Maton says:

    I agree Sarah, everyone’s art did look similar to the original one. Mine is up on the blog, and I think everybody tried hard to make it look great. I really like art and its really fun too play about with the paint by flicking it on the painting. Very creative ideas everyone! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Jessica Maton

  4. Dalal.G says:

    Great work guys!

  5. wow all of them were really good guys ist a shame dolly wasnt here im sure her volcano would of been amazing

  6. amy1105 says:


  7. Rachel.u says:

    u have no idea how messy things got in the classroom amy

  8. rachel.u says:

    my art shirt has splatters of red,orange,yellow, and, white EVERYWHERE!

  9. Shaunntae says:

    How did you do this? I would love to copy this project with my daughter class (with your permission of course)

    • hcain541 says:

      It was a combination of flicking the paint, as well as putting on blobs of paint and holding up the picture to let the paint run. Very messy but great fun – enjoy!

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