Friday Update……

Wow, what a busy week!  Firstly, congratulations to all of the P7 pupils who stood as candidates in the House Captains election today.  We heard some fantastic speeches, and I was very impressed with the confidence shown by the pupils, who stood in front of the entire school to deliver their speeches.  Well done to all of you – you did yourselves, your houses and your school proud!  Full details of the election results are on the main school blog, and photos of the successful candidates should be on the P7 blog soon.

In class this week we have begun reading our novels for the term – The Borrowers, and The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips.  Reading homework will begin next week.  In maths we have been continuing to revise multiplication, while next week we will begin our maths topic on Data and Analysis.

Meanwhile, as part of our Shake, Rattle and Roll project, we have been learning about different types of natural disasters, as well as beginning to look at the structure of the Earth and how that contributes to natural disasters.  The children also wrote some fantastic pieces of imaginative writing based on the theme of natural disasters – in which they used lots of ‘interesting’ synonyms which they had been looking at in literacy.  Hopefully we can get some of these stories typed up and put on the blog soon.

This morning the children had a demonstration of different woodwind instruments by woodwind teacher Mr Maclean.  All pupils in P7 have the option to participate in woodwind lessons, and those who expressed interest were given an information leaflet to take home today.  This contains a form which should be returned by next Friday if pupils wish to take up this opportunity.

Finally, it has been super to meet so many parents this week for the Hopes and Dreams meetings, so thanks to all of you who have attended.  We are all looking forward to a fantastic year ahead, and please feel free to contact me at any time if there is anything you wish to discuss.

Have a great weekend,

Mr Cain

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5 Responses to Friday Update……

  1. Dalal.G says:

    Well done to all!!!!

  2. Rachel.m says:

    hey dolly they did so well standing up in front of the school i didint do it but ley did it and was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO brave xxxx

  3. Katy Smith says:

    Everyones speech was amazing!

  4. Fabulous amazing dancing Ailsa :) says:

    Hey dolly it’s good to have you back now at last we are a full proper p7 class and the best 😀

  5. Rachel.u says:

    hooray!!!!! i’m house captian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😛 😛 🙂 🙂 😉 😉

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