Wanted – House Captains!

A reminder that any P7 pupils who wish to apply for the role of House Captain or Vice-Captain should let me know by Monday 26th August.  Applicants will need to prepare a 2-minute speech outlining why pupils should vote for them.  They should also create a ballot box with their photo on it – if anyone needs a photo printed at school then just email me a copy.

We shared some great ideas in class today about which things candidates might want to include in their speeches, and I look forward to hearing some fantastic speeches at the assembly on Friday 30th August!

Mr Cain

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15 Responses to Wanted – House Captains!

  1. kurt says:

    Can the speech be shorter?

    • hcain541 says:

      Yes, it’s a maximum of 2 minutes so it can be a little shorter if you like, however don’t make it too short – make sure you include lots of reasons for people to vote for you!

  2. Dalal.G says:

    I might not be on time to try and be house captain! Oh well! 😀 you see I’m a bit stuck in Gaza right now, (the borders of Gaza won’t open D:) so yeah, any ways. Byee! And good luck to everyone trying to become team captain!

  3. Rachel.u says:

    i hope you get out of gaza soon dolly… anyway-EXTRA HOLIDAYS!!!

  4. Dalal.G says:

    Thanks Rachel, yes, hopefully i will come back safe and sound, all in one piece.. anyways, YEAH! EXTRA HOLIDAYS! Bad thing is, my cousins started school today but the good thing is they finish at around 12:00! You see there is a morning school and afternoon, my cousins go to morning, ( think thats how it is anyway)

  5. Lauren says:

    I cant wait to share my speech to the school on Friday and hopefully what I’ve come up with will make everyone’s minds up about who they’re going to choose!!! Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s speeches and see what they have come up with too. 🙂

  6. Lottie Williams says:

    Good luck with everyone’s speech! I’m sure you’ll all be FAB! Dolly, we are all missing you LOTS we are all hoping you come back in one piece, (I’m SURE you will!) In the meantime have a LOVELY extra holiday! See you soon! 😀 😉

  7. Dalal.G says:

    Thanks Lottie! 😀

  8. calum23 says:

    It was brave of me for going for it and good luck to all.

  9. Jessica Maton says:

    Hi Mr Cain, I was wondering if I could use some blue paper for my box that I still need to make. I’ll need it tomorrow so I can have a few practices before Friday. Also I was wondering if I could get my picture taken for the box some time before Friday. Don’t forget that theirs swimming tomorrow at school guys.


    • hcain541 says:

      Yes, Jessica, you can help yourself to blue paper in school tomorrow – as can anyone else who needs coloured paper. We also have a class camera now, so if anyone needs a photo for their box then we can sort that out tomorrow too. How are those speeches coming along? Remember to practise reading your speech to someone at home.

  10. hcain541 says:

    And one further thing to mention…..
    One very enterprising candidate has already asked if he could put up a poster or two to support his campaign (he’d already made them!). So the large red noticeboard at the start of our corridor can be used for election posters – as can a space in the classroom as well.

  11. Lucy :) says:

    Well done to everybody that got to become a house/vice captain! 🙂

  12. Fabulous amazing dancing Ailsa :) says:

    Well done to all the house captains I am sure you will be the best house captains ever
    ( p.s Redwood ARE winning this year) 🙂 🙂 :p 😀

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